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► Thai Oil Massage

Thai oil massage of the sensuous variety (Thai erotic massage, Thai sexual massage) is available in many locations. If the premises have lots of young and attractive Thai massage girls (especially if they are sitting outside) and is offering various forms of oil massage, and you are asked to pay 600-800 baht upfront, you are almost certainly in the right environment to achieve a suitable degree of relaxation, and a sexy Thai massage with extras, resulting in a very happy ending. Note that most of these places also offer Thai traditional massage at a lower rate, so if you don't like being drenched in massage or baby oil, then specify a Thai massage - and the chances are you are not really in one of these places for the massage.!!! Many well-known venues have a standard 1500 baht fee for "full" service, and if said service was extra-good, a little extra tip makes the girls feel really good about the whole deal.

Some places have a Fishbowl AND the option of either Thai or Oil massage, an assurance that a happy ending is indeed nigh. In these establishments the ladies will negotiate a fee for additional services, usually HJ 500, BJ 1000, FS 1500 baht. They will generally let you know that it’s a serious possibility with a wandering hand – it is then up to you to respond by asking the question. One common denominator is that invariably the girl’s English language skills increase dramatically when it comes to negotiating the $ part of the deal. They can all say “two thousand” very, very clearly indeed… And they usually like to get you into a state where you are bargaining from a position of weakness! Of course, you could say at the outset that "I'd like HJ/BJ/FS - ok? X,xxx baht, ok?" and get those pleasantries out of the way at the outset... You could also say that "You make me very happy, maybe I give you tip, ok"

Usual format is that after choosing a lady - either from the fishbowl (e.g. Nataree), the line-up in the lounge (e.g. Aviva) or from the book (e.g. Teen 2) and paying the cashier for the session, you are escorted off to a small private room. This contains a shower, and a massage table or bed... In most cases, the lady will join you in the preliminary shower, and make sure you are sparkling clean from head to toe. This is a nice way to break the ice. NB: In some places, there is no line-up and no book to choose from (e.g. Tulip) so you've either pre-selected a girl from their web site, or should ask the Mamasan to recommend someone for you. If you do ask Mamasan to choose, be sure to explain what type of lady you like (physical - size, age, etc) and what you like to do - don't be shy, they've heard everything already and are keen to make you a happy, repeat customer.

▶ Body-to-Body Massage

Is a Massage where the girl uses her body to massage your body. She is either completely naked or only wearing her panties. She uses oil or soap for this massage.

▶ Naughty Massage Tips - What is a Naughty Massage Shop

In a Massage Shop, you can chose the girl (and you should!) Even if one of them stands up or if the manager selects one for you, you can refuse and chose the one you like. Don’t be shy Let the girl understand what you want. Oil Massage is Naughtier Than Thai massage, because you are naked and because of the oil. Negotiate Prices are standard, but (almost) everything is negotiable in Thailand!

A Massage Shop is Naughty if:

✭ The girls call you from outside ("Welcome Massage") ✭ It's a small shop and nobody is having a foot massage downstairs ✭ The rooms are private and/or upstairs ✭ The girls (or some of them) are rather young and pretty ✭ They only offer Thai and Oil Massage (no Foot Massage, No Head & Shoulders Massage, etc.)

A Massage Shop is not Naughty if:

✭ Nobody moves when you get in (they wait for the manager to assign a girl) ✭ It's a big shop with lots of people having foot massage, manicure or facial treatments ✭ The beds are on the ground floor, only separated with curtains ✭ The girls are all rather old and not pretty ✭ They have an extensive menu of massages and skin cares.

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