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Pattaya | Chonburi Province - Thailand Real Estate Market Information

Many of the nice housing estates are located not far from the two main highways, usually in close proximity to industrial estates, golf courses or other nice scenery, and of course seaside and tourist locations. The main cities along this highway are, in order of distance from Bangkok: Chonburi City, Bang Saen, Sri Racha, Bang Lamung, Pattaya, and Satthahip. The Laem Chabang deep sea port is located near Bang Lamung, in-between Pattaya and Sri Racha. Rayong province starts inland approximately even with the Laem Chabang deep sea port.

▶ Wongamat | Naklua

Wongamat (Naklua) is perhaps the most family-oriented residential area in Pattaya. It boasts many luxury condominiums, upscale restaurants, and is a favorite with well-heeled Bangkokians and foreigners alike. Ease of access to Sukhumvit Road and the Motorway are also factors which make it a popular community for expats living and working in the Eastern Seaboard. Historically Wongamat had been very popular with Germans, which can be evidenced by the number of German restaurants and guest houses. In recent years Naklua has increased in popularity amongst Western European, Russian, Scandinavian and North American nationals. This area now has much more of an international feel to it. Wongamat Beach is the largest and most popular beach in the area. While sunbathing on the beach, you can enjoy local culinary favorites, relax with a massage, or groom yourself for the big night out with a manicure, pedicure or hair styling. If you want a flavor of the local area you will want to visit the Naklua market, where you can purchase clothing, fresh fish and meats and local produce.

Getting around in Wongamat can be challenging. The baht bus (“songtaew”) public route goes along Naklua Road, but does not go in the sois, which is where most of the condominiums and tourist hotels are located. You will most likely have to take more than one baht bus to get to the more popular destinations. Many residents either have a car, motor bike or both. If you do not want to drive, it is easy to find a songtaew or motorbike taxi to take you where you want to go for a negotiated fee (negotiate the fee beforehand to avoid conflict). The Pattaya property market in this neighborhood is the hottest in the city. There are several mature high-rise condo buildings with stately entrance-ways, classic design and superb beachfront locations. Examples include Park Beach Condo and Sky Beach Condo. There are moderately priced condos not far from the beach, including Nova Mirage, A.D. Hyatt Condo, and Wongamat Residence Condo. There are also several new developments at the highest end of the price spectrum, including The Cove Pattaya, NorthPoint, and The Sanctuary.

▶ Pattaya Beach

Pattaya Beach has Something to Offer Everyone - Fine Dining, Water Sports, World-Class Nightlife and some of the best Pattaya properties. Pattaya Beach is clearly the center of the city’s shopping and entertainment districts, internationally known for its nightlife and adult entertainment. The area features hundreds of beer bars, gogo bars, pubs and other entertainment venues, dozens of hotels and many dining options. If you are young and single and want convenient access to shopping, dining and entertainment, this is a great place to live.

Walking Street is perhaps the most popular tourist destination for entertainment. The area running between Beach Road and Second Road from Soi 7 to Soi 13 features many beer bars. The area north of soi 6 is more sedate, with 5-star hotels and formal dining. And there is a wide selection of Pattaya property situated in this conveniently located section. Pattaya Beach is very popular with tour groups partaking in array of water sport options, including para-sailing, banana boats and jet skis. There are many vendors offering beach chairs and umbrellas where you can rest and enjoy the breeze and the sun. We do not recommend swimming in Pattaya Bay.

There are numerous shopping opportunities in Pattaya Beach, which boasts several shopping malls, huge jewelry shops, art galleries, many spas, restaurants and massage therapy. The newest mall just opened in March, 2009. This mall (Beach Road, Soi 9) features Central Department Store as its anchor, with virtually every other type of retail shopping and dining experience available. Other shopping opportunities include the Avenue Mall (Second Road, Soi 13/1), Central Festival (Second Road, Soi 2), Royal Garden Plaza (Beach  Road, Soi 13/2), and several local markets.

Getting around Pattaya Beach is very easy. If your destination is a bit too far to walk, simply hop on the next baht bus, press the buzzer at your desired stop, and hand the driver ten baht for each passenger. Here you really do not need a car, unless you plan to golf or visit the attractions in the outskirts of town. Historically Pattaya had primarily catered to visitors and there were few options for long-term residents. The Markland Hotel, Pattaya Tower and Center Condo were virtually the only condos available for many years, other than budget apartments. This all changed with the launch of Northshore on Beach Road Soi 5, which opened in 2006. For those looking to acquire Pattaya property today, there are many new entries in Pattaya Beach, including Avenue Residence, City Garden, Citysmart, TW Pattaya Center, the Urban and Urban Suites. Property buyers looking to acquire a retirement or investment property in Pattaya now have much to choose from.

▶ Pratamnak Hill

Pratamnak also caters to the well-heeled expat resident and tourist alike. The Sheraton Hotel and Royal Cliff Garden provide 5-star accommodation with breathtaking sea views. Many other smaller hotels and resorts are available in Pratamnak at prices that fit most budgets. "The Hill" is home to many of the finest Pattaya properties on the market today, and boasts a residence of the Royal Family. Pratamnak Hill offers the holiday maker several landmark sites. Golden Buddha Hill has lovely manicured gardens and is a fantastic place to get away from the crowds, relax and enjoy sweeping views of the sea and nearby islands. For the boating enthusiast, your visit to Pratamnak would not be complete without visiting the Royal Varuna Yacht Club.

Pratamnak is home to Cozy Beach and Huthong Beach. You can also find a small, secluded beach at the end of Pratamnak Soi 4, adjacent to the well-known “Cabbages & Condoms” Resort and restaurant. These area beaches are well-known as more laid back options to other area beaches. Pull up a towel or beach chair, enjoy a relaxing massage, or have a light Thai meal from the local vendors. Pratamnak features many residential options, and if you are in the market for Pattaya properties you should consider this neighborhood. Royal Cliff Garden at the highest end of the market has uninterrupted sea views from most rooms. At the mid-range of the market, there are many options, both in well-established, newly constructed, and new "off-plan” projects such as The Cliff, Sunset Boulevard, and Tropical Dream to name a few.

There are several housing estates in the area, and there is also a healthy supply of free-standing houses. More “affordable” options are available off of some of the "sois" east of Thappraya Road. Getting around Pratamnak is much like other neighborhoods. Songtaews (open-air taxis) are readily available along Thappraya Road, while you will need to charter or provide your own transportation if you need to get to a hotel or residence off of the side roads. Pratamnak Hill offers residents a relaxed, resort-style lifestyle. If you are looking to acquire Pattaya properties in Pratamnak, contact our experienced team at Big Mango Properties.

▶ East Pattaya

Because of its easy access to several highways and the Bangkok Motorway as well its close proximity to numerous international schools and golf courses, East Pattaya and its surrounding areas is popular with larger families who prefer a house or require a larger space to satisfy their lifestyles. The active family will enjoy  golfing, fishing, bike riding along quiet paths, botanical gardens with petting zoo, horseback riding, and many other activities. This area stretches from Sri Ratcha to the North and continues south to Huay Yai. East Pattaya, referred by locals as the “dark side”, offers expats a suburban environment away from the bright lights of Pattaya City. The main residential areas are found along Soi Khao Talo, Soi Khao Noi, Nern Plab Wern and Soi Siam Country Club Road.

Here you will find many housing estates to match virtually any size and budget. One can find a 2 BR bungalow for as little as 2 million baht (or 15,000 baht per month for rentals), with dozens of options available at many price points up to well over 40 million baht (100,000 baht per month for rentals). Homes at the higher price ranges generally include private swimming pool, garden and maid’s quarters.

▶ Jomtien

Although Jomtien has some beer bars, it is much more laid back and there is very little adult entertainment when compared with Pattaya Beach. Jomtien boasts many resort-style hotels and recreational activities, making it a popular tourist destination. The supply of Jomtien Condos and Homes is impressive, ranging from low-budget to some of the highest-end offerings available on the market. There are many dining options, from Thai food from stalls to the most superb meal in a 5-star setting. One can also enjoy good live music at two local venues, both of which donate some of the proceeds to local charitable causes. There are numerous family options, including a water park and go-kart racing.

For some reason Jomtien seems to be a magnet for home goods retail establishments.  In the heart of this neighborhood you can buy ready-made furniture, custom-built furniture, curtains and home accessories. You can even find several options for complete design and fit-out of your Jomtien condos and homes. Getting around in Jomtien, particularly those areas along the beach, is easy. You can get a public songtaew along Jomtien Beach Road (as far as Soi Wat Boon) and take it directly to Pratamnak Hill and Pattaya. Using a motor bike or a car is also a bit easier as traffic is not as congested as in Pattaya City and parking tends to be a bit easier.  A Jomtien “Second” Road is presently under construction and this may help alleviate some of the traffic congestion along Beach Road.

In terms of sheer numbers of buildings and residential units, Jomtien clearly offers the largest selection of choice if you are looking for a home. And although there are relatively few options for direct beachfront condos (Jomtien Beach has a road between the beach and any of the buildings), many of the buildings in the area offer beautiful sea views. There are also a number of “in-town” housing estates a relatively short drive from the beach.

▶ Bang Saray

Bang Saray has long been a sleepy week-end getaway for affluent Thai familes from Bangkok as well as a small number of expats. This area boasts a beautiful shoreline stretching between Na Jomtien and Sattahip.  Bang Saray's area east of Sukhumvit Road offers rolling hills with distant yet uninterrupted seaviews. Bang Saray has a history as a small fishing village, and in fact some of the Pattaya area's finest seafood can be found here. Try the seafood restaurant at the southern end of Bang Saray Beach, which offers great variety and prices. Bang Saray Beach has been largely undeveloped, and is still immensely popular with Thai families on week-ends.  The past few years have seen some development along the beach of small housing estates.  Beachfront land is available in the area, and it is likely further development will continue along the beach in the coming years. Bang Saray Hills offers numerous housing estates as well as some exceptional custom-built homes. Residents here enjoy both mountain and sea views, and the privacy and quiet atmosphere not available in other Pattaya-area neighborhoods.

▶ Conclusion

Within Pattaya, the only two quiet seaside areas are the Naklua region and Pattaya Hill. There is no main road near the beach, and to access the condominiums and homes, you must drive a good distance down the sois. Some private beaches are reserved for the condominiums, housing groups and resorts located there. In Na Klua, the beach is continuous, and you can walk from one end to the other without being stopped. It is a vast area, so it helps a lot to be familiar with it in advance and know where you are going.

Technically, Jomtien is not a part of Pattaya, but you wouldn't know it if you didn't know where the border is drawn, and it's not worth arguing here since so many people say "I live in Pattaya" when they are in Jomtien. However, this part is actually north Jomtien. If you go further south, there are some quiet housing developments in Jomtien which are definitely outside "Pattaya" and require you drive to Pattaya for shopping. The public transport system in Pattaya stretches down the seaside road of Jomtien, but doesn't cover the quiet parts further south.

Unlike Bangkok, there are few taxis in Pattaya. This is a surprise to a lot of expats. Pattaya's "public" transport system is a bunch of private "sawng tao" vehicles (like pickup trucks adapted for passengers in the back with a roof, and all open aired, nothing air conditioned) whereby you wave them down, get in the back, push the button for the bell when you want to get off, and pay at that time. Except along the beach roads, it can be confusing to expats regarding which sawng tao goes where. Motorcycle taxis are a popular way for expats without vehicles to get around. You can also find sawng taos and smaller vehicles sitting around waiting for a dedicated passenger like a taxi. You must negotiate the fare on a ride-by-ride basis. Again, no metered taxis, except a few along the main highway. If you are wondering why, it is because Pattaya is a "protected" place for transportation providers. If you want to live in the Pattaya region, then a car or your own motorcycle are recommended unless you become proficient in Thai and enjoy negotiating rides for shopping.

Metered taxis are available in other parts of Chonburi province, especially as you go north, closer to Bangkok and the higher density of industrial operations.

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